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About Our Online Store

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Established in 2019, FAZTER INDUSTRIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a Delhi (India) based WHO and CEE certified organization, that offers a family of superior products which help in the aiding progress of an individual suffering from various musculoskeletal disorders and who seek to continue living an active and independent life. We provide non-surgical orthopedic medical products for almost everything, from knee to hand, ankle and foot. Made using quality fabric and other materials, which promise to give enhanced comfort and high durability our product line consists of Lumbosacral, Knee Supports, Wrist Band with Thumb Support, Ankle Supports etc which guarantee fast recovery from injuries and great relief from sprains and stand tall on rehabilitation, physical therapy and pain management.

At FAZTER, we understand that living with certain medical conditions or recovering from various types of injuries & surgeries can be difficult to cope with. We help you rediscover your confidence by providing assistive products that are designed to make your life easier and more comfortable. We give our best to exceed our customers’ expectations for quality, safety, and value in the manufacture of medical devices, through effective and compliant processes. We are committed to maintaining and continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system, meeting quality objectives, complying with all applicable quality & regulatory requirements, and maintaining strong relationships with all our customers. Which is also the reason why physical therapists and experts recommends our range to patients.


Trusted Business Unit

Our company is a sister concern of 2008 established a famous company, Ekta Surgical. Our sister company concern shares the same aim of benefiting the healthcare sector and improve the quality of life. We make business deals appear fruitful to clients through a hassle-free payment structure and transparent work culture. Ekta Surgical is certified by MSME, ISO, CEE, WHO, GNP and many more other important documents which is ensure the quality of our products, we indulge in various product testing processes. These tests provide the verification of the quality of the products, prior delivery. High quality ensures the customers that they are getting best for the money they are paying thus business deals appear fruitful to our clients. Well talking about deals, we provide our client’s hassle-free payment structure and transparent work culture. The 24/7 gives the customers a good reason to believe in our company and adds to the brand name of our company.

Growing & How?

In a very short span of time , we have started to show signs of growth because of our customer centra business policies and  abidance of quality guidelines. The constant attention towards innovative product designing and development and implementation of stringent quality checking processes, and providing great assistance to clients in the form of strict monitoring of feedback and quick solving of product related queries have enabled us to stand in the market where we are now.


Our Presentation

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Private Labeling

Our company believes in growing together rather than using competition as a means of growth. In result, our company provides Private Labeling solution to the interested firms, which implies that the products are manufactured by other companies and are sold under the brand of some other organization. By selling all our manufactured products under their own brand, the associates can earn customer loyalty and a great brand image. We are open for collaborations with other companies and the interested firms. Our company tries best to win the trust of the customers as well as our collaborative companies by our quality products and efficient working system.